Mouth GagSummary – The Commonwealth Labor Government intends to ban gag clauses in Commonwealth contracts with Not-For-Profits.            

On 19 September 2012 the Commonwealth Labor Government announced its intention to introduce legislation to ban so-called “gag” clauses in Commonwealth contracts with the Not-For-Profit sector.

The introduction of legislation to expressly ban the use of gag clauses which are considered to censor public debate is a move which will no doubt be welcomed by the Not-For-Profit sector as a critical part of the current reform process and the strengthening of the independence of the Not-For-Profit sector in Australia.Continue Reading Government Moves to Ban Gag Clauses in Not-For-Profit Sector

Summary – NSW Government Freezes Islamic Schools Funding under Section 21AOld run-down school building

It has been about five years since the NSW Government introduced section 21A of the Education Act which prohibits funding assistance being paid to non government schools operating for profit.

For the first time, to our knowledge, the NSW Government has used this section to freeze funds to a non government school.

The NSW Government is reported to have frozen funding to Sydney’s largest Islamic school, Malek Fahd, after an investigation into payments the school made by way of management fees and backdated rental fees to its owner, the Australia Federation of Islamic Councils, the nation’s peak Muslim body.Continue Reading School Funding Suspended