The ATO and ACNC are reminding charities and ancillary funds that the annual reporting period is fast approaching.


Charities registered with the ACNC (that have an annual year end of 30 June) have less than a week to submit their Annual Information Statement (AIS) to the ACNC. The AIS should be lodged via the online charity portal no later than 31 January 2017. We remind charities that the date their AIS is lodged will be displayed on the ACNC Register and a late AIS lodgement will be listed in red, to encourage charities to report on time.

Should you require any assistance with the preparation of your AIS or, if you would just like a review to double check the information that will be provided, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ancillary Funds

Ancillary Funds registered with the ACNC

Charitable Ancillary funds were previously required to lodge annual reports with both the ATO and ACNC. However, recent changes to the reporting requirements of charitable ancillary funds have removed these dual reporting requirements. Accordingly, ancillary funds registered with the ACNC are now only required to lodge an AIS with the ACNC. This removes the separate reporting requirement to the ATO. Charitable Ancillary Funds have until 28 February 2017 to lodge their AIS with the ACNC.

Ancillary Funds not registered with the ACNC

Ancillary funds which are not registered with the ACNC must lodge an Annual Information Return with the ATO by 28 February 2017. Funds that are not able to lodge by the due date should contact the ATO on 1300 130 248 to seek an extension of time, as penalties will apply for applications lodged late without an extension.

Please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team if you require assistance with your charity or ancillary fund reporting.

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