ACNCYesterday the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission (ACNC) launched the new charity portal.

The ACNC charity portal is an online service where you can:

  • access and update your charity’s details immediately on the ACNC Register
  • submit your Annual Information Statement onto the Register
  • print a copy of your charity’s registration certificate.

It is only available to registered charities and is password protected.

What are the benefits of the charity portal?

The newly launched charity portal is a convenient, password protected website whereby charities can update information and receive notifications for the ACNC. It allows charities to receive calendar alerts for reporting dates such as the AIS, dispenses with the need to complete paper based forms to notify the ACNC of a change to responsible persons and contact details or legal name of the charity. It also allows charities to upload their governing rules or to apply for certain information to be withheld from the register. Information entered in the charity portal is then updated on the charity register.

How is the charity portal different to the charity register?

The charity register, which has been available on the ACNC website since its launch in December 2013 allows the public to search by name or ABN of a registered charity. The charity register includes basic information such as name, address for service, ABN, entity and sub-entity type, details of responsible persons, enforcement status, governing document(s), and size. This information will be further populated by the Annual Information Statement, due 6 months after the end of the charity’s financial year (the first AIS will be due for many charities on 31 December 2013).

What should my charity do?

The ACNC has prepared a brief summary of the portal, available here.  We recommend that a person from your charity login to the charity portal to see if any information requires updating and to set alerts to assist with reporting by the relevant due date(s). We also recommend storing your login details and password in a secure place but somewhere that is locatable when necessary!

More information

If you would like more information please contact Bill d’Apice or Anna Lewis of this office.