York CathedralSummary – The Supreme Court has handed down a judgment in the case involving the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle and two priests who had been the subject of a recommendation from a Church Board that they be defrocked.  The judgment deals with important issues relating to the employment status of priests, the legal status of churches and circumstances in which a court will interfere in the internal workings of a church.

On 27 April 2012 Justice Sackar handed down judgment in the case of Sturt and Anor  v  the Right Reverend Dr Brian Farran, Bishop of Newcastle and Ors.  In these proceedings, Fr Sturt and Fr Lawrence (the priests) sought orders against the Anglican Bishop of Newcastle, the members of the Professional Standards Board (PSB), the members of the Professional Standards Committee of the Diocese of Newcastle (the PSC) and the Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia.Continue Reading The Status of Priests and Churches – Supreme Court Judgement