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Charities & Not-For-Profits Law in Australia

Monthly Archives: July 2017

Remunerating Charity Board Members

Posted in Compliance, Fundraising, Governance

The ACNC have recently released an information paper ‘Remunerating Charity Board Members‘ for charities considering paying board members for their services as a board member. The term ‘board members’ is used throughout the information paper to generically refer to the responsible persons of a charity, such as committee members, directors or Trustees. The ACNC have… Continue Reading

Crowdfunding and Charities

Posted in Fundraising, Governance

Crowdfunding has become a very popular method of online fundraising for charities and not‑for‑profits. It generally involves an organisation setting a fundraising target online and then asking those on the internet (the crowd) for donations to reach that target. The ACNC has issued some information for charities and donors about the use of crowdfunding.  In… Continue Reading