Last week, the ACNC launched a “Registered Charity Tick”. The tick may be used by charities registered on the ACNC Charity Register which are up to date with ACNC financial reporting requirements and meet the regulator’s governance standards. The tick will allow donors to easily identify registered charitable organisations complying with these requirements.

Ms Susan Pascoe, ACNC Commissioner, described the tick as a “visible badge of credibility” for charitable organisations. It is hoped that the tick will encourage public confidence in the charities and not for profit sector, by reminding donors that registered charitable organisations are subject to independent government regulation. The tick may also incentivise charitable organisations to meet ACNC requirements in a timely manner in order to access and maintain entitlement to the tick.

Charitable organisations registered with the ACNC are encouraged to log in to the Charity Portal and download their Tick.


The ACNC Registered Charity Tick. Photo: ACNC

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