ACNC LogoSummary – The ACNC has posted the “Confirm your registered charity details” form online and is sending copies to registered charities in a mail-out, giving charities the opportunity to confirm a range of information.

The ACNC has just uploaded Form AB “Confirm your registered charity details”. This form will also be sent in a mail-out to all charities registered with the ACNC over the coming weeks. The form provides charities with an opportunity to inform the ACNC of:

  • their size (i.e. small, medium or large);
  • whether they are a charity for the advancement of religion;
  • whether they would like to apply for a substituted accounting period;
  • the names, addresses and DOB of responsible persons (e.g. directors, trustees or committee members);
  • the charity’s governing documents (by attachment); and
  • whether details regarding a responsible person or the charity’s details should be withheld from the ACNC register.

It is possible to provide details about a number of charities in one submission and the “Completing your registered  charity details” form can be submitted on behalf of a group. The ACNC has developed materials for charities in order to make completing this form easier for groups and if you would like to submit the form as part of a group please contact for further information.

Completed forms should be returned to the ACNC within two months of receipt of your letter.

Alternatively, if your charity is registered on the ACNC website and wishes to “opt out” of registration, you may do this by completing Form AA available on the ACNC’s website. If your charity wishes to notify the ACNC that it is a self-assessing religious institution (and therefore not currently registered as a charity with the ACNC) and would like to “opt in” for registration, this can be done by completing Form AA up to 2 December 2013.