Birthday cupcakeOn 1 October 2012, our Charities & Not-For-Profits Blog celebrated its first birthday.

It was launched at a time when considerable change was proposed in the Charities & Not-For-Profits sector.  Little did we know what the year was about the deliver …

The year saw significant changes in the Work, Health & Safety legislation which has a major impact upon the Not-For-Profit sector particularly in the area of volunteers.  There was the equal remuneration case, changes to aged care particularly relating to accommodation bond retentions and accommodation charges.  We saw the New Zealand Charities Commission effectively disestablished whilst the Australian Government was busy trying to establish its own version (the ACNC), new Public Ancillary Fund Guidelines were imposed … and there are many more reforms waiting in the wings … ACNC legislation, “In Australia” legislation, UBIT legislation, regulations establishing governance standards, a statutory definition of charities just to name a few.

The coming year promises to be just as “interesting”.

We trust that you have found the sharing of ideas and information through our Blog to be helpful and informative.  We look forward to sharing further ideas and information with you during the coming year.